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Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes

If you’re having problems over a boundary then you have come to the right place. April King has a friendly expert team and a range of options that can bring the matter to a successful conclusion.

From specialist independent property solicitors to expert barristers, April King will work with you to remove the stress of the current situation.

While we all hope for a pleasant relationship with our neighbours sometimes things can become a little difficult. This can be down to many factors but boundary disputes can be a real headache.

You may not realise how common a problem this is. Quite often the problem starts with the offending neighbour trying your patience over a few minor points but then it can even escalate to the point of intimidation. It’s a form of bullying and one which is unacceptable regardless of the size of the piece of land in question.

The first thing to do is call our Boundary Disputes Team at April King HQ on 0115 956 1213. We’ll talk to you in complete confidence and make recommendations as to the best way forward. There is no charge for this service.

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We offer an Express Boundary Report for just £95 + vat

This includes:

  • Land Registry copy title and plan of property in question (completely confidential, no record of search).
  • Initial report and guidance from a qualified property solicitor or barrister with a 30 minute telephone meeting.
  • Same day if ordered before 11am or next working day if ordered after 11am.

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More information about boundary disputes and other problems with neighbours

There are many reasons why you might have a dispute with a neighbour. Some common reasons include:

  • Your neighbour wants to extend their property in a way that will affect the enjoyment of your property
  • You need access to a neighbour’s land to make repairs to your own property
  • You are unsure who is responsible for maintaining and repairing a shared amenity (such as a drain, pipe, wall, fence, path, drive, parking space, roof or chimney)
  • You and your neighbour cannot agree on where the boundary lies between your properties
  • You are unsure who owns a particular strip or plot of land
  • You and your neighbour share a wall (a ‘party wall’) and the neighbour intends to carry out work, or is already carrying out work on or near that wall
  • Your neighbour is using CCTV and you believe this is affecting your privacy
  • Your neighbour or someone nearby is making unreasonable noise (such as noisy children, DIY works, pets etc)
  • Your neighbour is running a business from their property which is affecting your quality of life
  • Your neighbour is causing damage to your property
  • Your neighbour’s trees are overhanging your boundary
  • A tree in your neighbour’s garden may be unsafe and could cause damage to your property
  • The roots of a tree in your neighbour’s garden are affecting your property
  • Your neighbour’s hedge is blocking out the light

Not every dispute requires legal action – in fact, legal action will often be a last resort. However, it helps to be confident of your legal position before speaking to those concerned – especially in the case of boundary disputes. Our team can provide initial advice and recommend the best way for you to proceed.

Other things you may want to try include:

  • Approaching the neighbour, if they seem amenable. If they have a temper, it may be advisable to write a friendly letter instead.
  • Try mediation – to find a mediator in your area who may be able to help, visit the Ministry of Justice website at
  • If the person rents their property, contact their landlord.
  • Contact the police, if the neighbour’s actions amount to a breach of the peace, assault or harassment because of your race or sex. See the Citizen’s Advice page on Abusive neighbour disputes and discrimination for more help.
  • If the neighbours are breaching public health or pollution laws, contact the environmental health department.
  • If the neighbour has carried out unauthorised building works, or is using their land for an unauthorised purpose, you can contact the planning department.

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We have 42 offices across the UK. Call 08700 120 130 or email to make an appointment with your nearest office, or to order your Express Boundary Report.

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