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Family law barrister

Family barrister

While some family lawyers and solicitors will handle straightforward divorce cases themselves, very often they will need to consult with a barrister. Typically for the client, this means paying two sets of fees: one to the solicitor managing the case and the other to the barrister who is consulted.

April King offer direct access to our team of family law barristers, cutting out the ‘middle man’. Working directly with our barristers, clients get niche expert legal knowledge for a far lower fee than if they were to go via a solicitor.

Our family law barristers are available to assist with a wide range of matters including separation, divorce, mediation, cohabitation, children’s issues and grandparents’ rights.

We have offices throughout the UK, together with a network of trusted direct access barristers.

Call us on 08700 120 130 for a free initial chat or email us – – for more details. Please let us know if you have an urgent hearing date.

“I need a family court lawyer near me – fast!”

If you’re looking for a family court lawyer that can help you with an urgent matter, call us – we can assist. Whether your hearing is next month, next week or tomorrow,  we have a direct access barrister who can help at short notice.

Speak to us to find out more – we can offer affordable fixed fees once we have taken some initial details from you.

We have offices in ChesterfieldCoventryDerbyDudleyEdgbastonHinckleyLeamington SpaLeicesterMansfieldMelton MowbrayMilton Keynes, NorthamptonNottinghamRedditchSheffieldSolihullTamworthWarrington and West Bridgford. We also have a network of trusted direct access barristers across the UK who can assist you.

Call us on 08700 120 130 for a free initial chat or email us – – for more details.

What’s the difference between a solicitor and a family law barrister?

Both solicitors and barristers may be called ‘family court lawyers’ but there are differences between the two.

Barristers are specialist lawyers – they tend to specialise in one or a few niche areas of law. They are specifically trained to handle litigation and court scenarios although much of their time is spent out of Court, advising clients. Family law barrister will have undertaken many cases in the Family Court and will have expert knowledge on how past cases have been decided, and how this affect your own case.

Solicitors can appear in Tribunals, Coroners Courts, Magistrates Courts, County Courts, the Family Court and European Courts. They cannot appear in the Crown Court, High Court, Court of Appeal or Supreme Court unless they apply specifically for Higher Rights of audience.

What are family law barristers like?

Some people have a very traditional view of how a family barrister will look and act. Barristers rarely wear a wig and gown  and you will usually find your barrister dresses in a similar way to a solicitor. You will find April King’s team of direct access barristers to be approachable, friendly, highly knowledgeable and very experienced in their particular niches. Whether you need help with a separation or divorce, assistance with a matter involving a child or help with some other problem, our family law barristers offer fast, confidential advice, support and guidance to ensure your rights are protected.

What are family law barrister fees like?

Your family law barrister’s fees will depend on a number of factors. These include how senior your barrister is, how complex your case is and therefore how many hours are involved in working on the matter. Fees tend to be highly competitive compared with instructing a solicitor who then instructs the barrister for advice on particular points of law. Clients also save money as a result of dealing with a specialist. This is particularly significant in divorce cases.

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