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Care Fee Trust Wills

Protect your Home from the Cost of Care Fees with a Property Trust Will

If you or your partner require care in later life then your property may be at risk of being used to pay for fund these care fees. There are legal steps that you can take to prevent the local authority from taking your home and at April King we specialise in ensuring that you and your family are protected against such an eventuality.

Protect home from care fees

Couples who have made standard Mirror Wills (or don’t have Wills) could unintentionally be gifting their home to the local authority. You should act now to protect your children’s’ inheritance.

What is a Care Fee Trust Will?

In simple terms, a Care Fee Trust Will is where (as a couple) you each write Wills leaving your half share of the property in trust for the children or other beneficiaries but state that they cannot inherit the share while your surviving partner is alive. That half of the house if then safe from Care Cost Fees.

Why do I need one?

Should you or your partner require care in later life, your assets will be means-tested by the local authority to help pay for these services. This goes back to the Community Care Act of 1990, which came into force in 1993.

The local authority will seek to use the assets of a person until they get down to a lower limit of £14,250, at which point the local authority will take over the fees.

What does this mean?

If, for example, you are not protected by a Care Fee Trust Will and either you or your partner passes away, that half of the house will be used in any means test calculation that they perform thus reducing any potential inheritance for your surviving family.

How does it work?

If you are in a relationship then the good news is that there are some legal steps you can take now to protect your hard earned assets.

Forget the myths you may have heard. There is no seven year rule and the government cannot change Care Fee Trust Wills. It also means you remain in control. The house remains yours during your lifetime, this is just sensible planning. However, you must both act now whilst you are both alive and well.

We do not recommended that you transfer the house to the children now during your lifetime as the Local Authority would most probably deem this a ‘deprivation’ of assets and ignore the transfer.

April King can show you the correct approach to take ensuring that you remain in control at all times. Talk to April King today about Care Fee Trust Wills. Making a Will with us costs between £110 and £295 plus VAT, depending on complexity. 

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