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“We’ve been meaning to make a Will. We just haven’t got around to it.”

There are lots of reasons for not making a Will: perhaps you haven’t decided how to divide your estate or you’re waiting to see how things ‘develop’ with certain family members! It may be that the thought of making a Will seems rather final, an admission that you are not going to be around forever. We understand all these issues and try to make the whole process as easy as possible.

Please remember that a Will is just a collection of papers that one day will make things a great deal easier for those we leave behind. Your Will won’t be written in stone, it’s a flexible document that can easily be changed during your lifetime.

There’s another unexpected reason for making a Last Will – or perhaps it should be called a Present Will? Believe it or not, statistically those with a Will live longer than those without. In truth, this has little to do with peace of mind and more to do with the age at which most people make their Wills. Still, the point is not to put it off any longer, we are here to help you through the process and once it’s done you’ll feel relieved that your affairs are in order. And statistically, you’ll live longer!

When you come to make your Will you don’t need to have all your assets and liabilities listed or even know for sure where and how you’d like everything to be divided. Initially, all we need to do is discuss your wishes and put a plan together.

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What's your situation?

It's important to appreciate that when it comes to making a Will, one size does not fit all. Many firms offer a basic Will or a mirror Will service, but these have many disadvantages and can leave your estate exposed to predatory third parties. Many people are surprised to find that their estate will not necessarily go to their children or grandchildren as they might have hoped, but can instead go to an ex son-in-law or daughter-in-law, future new step parents to your grandchildren, your children's creditors, someone else's grandchildren, the Inland Revenue or the Local Authority. If you have a basic or mirror Will, we would urge you to get in touch and upgrade to a Will that properly protects your hard-earned assets. We have specific advice for every situation, including:

Married with children and grandchildren

Married/civil partnership with children and grandchildren

Married with children, no grandchildren

Married/civil partnership with children, no grandchildren

Married with no children

Married/civil partnership
with no children

Single with no children

Single with
no children

Single with children

Single with

Single with children and grandchildren

Single with children
and grandchildren

Cohabiting with no children

Cohabiting with
no children

Cohabiting with children

Cohabiting with

Cohabiting with children and grandchildren

Cohabiting with children and grandchildren

Specialist Wills

As expert Trust and Estate Practioners, the April King team often recommend two types of specialist wills to their clients. Only a handful of solicitors and lawyers have the required expertise to offer this type of Will, and April King is one of them.

Care Fee Trust Wills

Care cost fees Wills

If you or your partner require care in later life then your property may be at risk of being used to pay for fund these care fees. Even if you are allowed to keep the property, the Local Authority can take a charge on the entire value minus £14,250 so that you won't be able to pass on most of the value to your children or grandchildren. There are legal steps that you can take to prevent the local authority from doing this so that you still have a generous inheritance to pass on. Click here to find out more.

Bloodline Wills

Grandparent with Grandchild

If you have previously made a simple Will or a 'mirror' will, you will be surprised to learn that your inheritance may not pass to your children or grandchildren as you might expect. Instead, an ex son-in-law or daughter-in-law, future new stepparents to your grandchildren, your children’s creditors, someone else’s grandchildren, the Inland Revenue or the Local Authority may benefit from your estate. There are simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening. Click here to find out more.

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