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Barrister Direct Service

Sometimes we are faced with problems or situations that require very niche specialist advice. We work closely with Barristers Chambers across the country to offer an exceptional service for our valued clients. Paul King was invited to speak at the Annual Bar Conference for Barristers in recognition of his work with direct client instructions.

Barristers are lawyers that tend to specialise in one particular area of law. It is true that they may spend part of their time in court but equally they work from their offices (known as Chambers) to offer face to face appointments with clients such as yourself.

We take care of all the appointment arrangements and even attend the meeting with you. You will be pleasantly surprised at the information and guidance given. Once you have considered the advice you receive you can then appoint the Barrister to act directly for you should wish.

To arrange a 1 hour initial advice meeting with a specialist Barrister call 0115 9561213.

The charge is fixed at £80 + VAT (price correct at: Feb 2014)

More about Barristers

Barristers provide legal advice on areas of law that they specialise in. They may provide legal representation in court for both individuals and organisations – or they may simply provide a written opinion on a particular legal problem.

Traditionally, barristers have been viewed as a type of lawyer that will only become involved once proceedings before the Court or tribunal are necessary. However, the industry has changed, and barristers are now seen as more accessible – and an invaluable source of specialist legal knowledge. Barristers will typically specialise in a particular area of law, such as estates and trusts (chancery law), commercial law, criminal law or common law (including family, housing and personal injury).

Your barrister can provide a detailed opinion on your legal position and the options available to you, based on the facts of your case. A barrister may also take your version of events and turn it into a persuasive legal argument that will give you the best possible chance of winning your case.

If your case does go to court, your barrister will present your evidence, examine and cross examine any witnesses and provide the Court with a reason why they should support the case. They will also negotiate settlements with the other party.

There are around 15,500 barristers in England & Wales. Most work from Chambers which are shared with other barristers. The ‘Cab Rank Rule’ prevents them from picking and choosing their cases – so they cannot refuse a case simply because they find the nature of the case objectionable or because they don’t agree with the client’s opinions or beliefs. This helps to keep Barristers independent.

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