Contesting a Will

Interview with Family Law @ LexisNexis


CEO Paul King and Chartered Legal Executive Jen Wiss-Carline were interviewed by Family Law @ LexisNexis about Thompson v Ragget, a claim by a cohabitee for reasonable financial provision.

High Court awards £1m in inheritance claim

Having a chat over coffee

In a recent decision regarding an inheritance dispute, the High Court has awarded over £1 million to a daughter who spent her life working on the family farm in the expectation of one day inheriting it.

Another day, another Will challenge

Inheritance dispute

We discuss why, despite a wave of Will challenges, it is still important to make a Will and keep it updated, and how you can avoid your own Will being challenged.

Could I challenge a Will?

Challenge a Will

We look at the increase in challenges to Wills, the grounds on which you might contest a Will and how you would go about funding your claim.

Ilott case to be heard by the Supreme Court

Supreme Court in England, UK

The Supreme Court will hear an appeal in the Ilot case today. The case concerns the estate of the late Melita Jackson who died in 2004 leaving the majority of her £486,000 estate to three charities, making no provision for her only child Heather Ilott.