News and information for cohabitees on legal matters such as making a Will, estate planning, Inheritance Tax, Lasting Powers of Attorney and more.

Opposite-sex civil partnerships: an alternative to marriage

Opposite sex couple

Civil partnerships are now an option for opposite-sex couples, providing the choice of a formal union without any religious connotations. Cohabitees may wish to give this new possibility some thought since they have few legal rights and, contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a ‘common law marriage’.

Unmarried couples: legal essentials

Unmarried couples - legal essentials

In this guide we discuss a wide range of matters that affect cohabiting couples, from home ownership & sharing to insurance, inheritance & loss of capacity.

Cohabiting couples: property in one name


What happens if a property is occupied by an unmarried cohabiting couple but the legal title is in one name only? This question often arises where both have contributed in the relationship but then split up.