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On this page you can find links to a range of our legal services. If you don’t see the service you’re looking for listed here, please do contact us to see if we can help you.

Bloodline Wills

Bloodline Wills are specialist Wills containing one or more trusts, with the aim of keeping your hard-earned assets in the family line.

Making a Will

Our Wills are designed to legitimately protect and preserve more of your assets for your children and grandchildren, safeguarding your share of the family home and more against care fees, creditors and predatory third parties

Lasting Power of Attorney

Find out how to make a Lasting Power of Attorney affordably, with professional, expert advice. Ensure your wishes are complied with and reduce stress for your loved ones.

Ordinary power of attorney

An Ordinary Power of Attorney allows your partner or someone you trust to help with your finances. It can be used as soon as you’ve signed it, so it’s quick and easy to put in place.

Deputyship Order

Deputyship Orders – what are they? A Deputyship Order gives you the legal authority to make decisions for someone else who has lost mental capacity. This might be for someone…

Business succession

Aside from the family home, shares in a business are likely to be the most valuable asset a person owns. But far too few people give proper consideration to what…


We know how difficult a time it is when we lose someone close. We offer a sensitive service designed to remove the burden of dealing with the estate.

Letters of administration

If someone dies without a Will, you may need ‘Letters of Administration’, entitling you to deal with the person’s estate.

Contesting a Will

There are a number of grounds for contesting a Will and various other types of claims that can be made against an estate.

Digital assets

When it comes to making a Will, digital assets are often overlooked. We explain how various assets of monetary or sentimental value should be dealt with.

Statutory Will

When someone who has not made a Will loses mental capacity, it is possible to apply to the Court to make a Statutory Will.

Inheritance tax guide

An overview of inheritance tax charges, allowances and reliefs, plus an introduction to the types of trust you might include in your Will and how they can be beneficial.