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Protect your home from Care Fees

Protecting your home from future care fees.

Paul King explains 3 simple steps…

  • Act while you are a couple and both well.
  • Don’t transfer your home to children or an “Asset Protection Trust”.
  • Make new Bloodline Wills.

You may have seen our full page advertisements in the national press and wondered if you should find out more. There are lots of myths about protecting your assets from care fees but I hope to give you a brief overview here as to your options.

Firstly, what you shouldn’t do. Please don’t transfer the house to your children or spend thousands of pounds with firms that promise to solve all your problems with an “Asset Protection Trust”. They will claim that giving away your home is fine and that the Local Authority cannot challenge the transfer providing “you don’t foresee care..’ etc etc. It simply is not true. The Local Authority has many powers to investigate and will pursue someone who has deliberately deprived themselves of the asset.

The simple and legal answer is not to leave your half share in the home to each other in the first place!

Are you…

  • A Couple
  • In reasonable good mental health
  • Own your home (even with a mortgage)

Then good news! There are some legitimate steps you can take now to safeguard your hard earned assets. We can show you how to make new Bloodline Wills and our free information pack tells you all you need to know. Simply email your name and address to and we’ll send you a free copy without obligation. Or complete the form below. Your details will remain safe with us.


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