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Past newsletters:

October legal newsletter

October 2018

In our October newsletter our CEO announces the opening of our brand new shop – plus we look at law for cohabiting couples and some recent court decisions over inheritance claims.
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July legal newsletter

July 2018

In our July letter, we look at some surprising stats – including that over 30 million people in Britain do not have a Will. Paul King talks about estranged children, and Jonathan Maskew speaks about the problem of boundary disputes. We consider millennials’ expectations when it comes to inheritance, and also consider when a Lasting Power of Attorney will be necessary where you already have an Enduring Power of Attorney.
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May legal newsletter

May 2018

In our May letter, we cover Dementia Action Week and look at how you can provide for your pets in your Will. We explain what the GDPR means to you, and comment on the new interest in Grandparents’ rights. We highlight a recent issue with stamp duty calculations, and also ask whether it is better to make an LPA or leave your relatives to apply for a Deputyship Order. Finally, you’ll find plenty of news from the firm – and a commentary on the recent case of Thompson v Ragget which involved a claim against an estate by a cohabitee.
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March legal newsletter

March 2018

In our March newsletter, we looked at refunds for Lasting Power of Attorney fees, Guardianship clauses for parents, new laws for Landlords on energy efficiency, cohabiting couples where the property is in one name and other legal updates of interest.
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December legal newsletter

December 2017

In our December Newsletter, we look at the Dementia Tax and why couples aren’t doing enough. We also explore how £19.99 Wills can leave behind years of misery for loved ones, and how/why you might want to make a Letter of Wishes. Business owners may be interested to read our feature on Business LPAs, while those who haven’t yet made a Will/LPA should find out if they fall into any of the groups who really need to have these documents in place.
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October legal newsletter

October 2017

In our October newsletter, we looked at how Councils are actively pursuing deprivation of assets cases, plus we examine what happens to your child’s or grandchild’s inheritance if they get divorced. We also consider mediation as a better way to resolve your disputes and we take a peak at a recent Australian case where an unsent text message was held to be a valid Will.
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August September newsletter

August/September 2017

Our August/September Newsletter looked at the recent newspaper coverage of Lasting Powers of Attorney and our response in the Financial Times. We also introduced our new Estate Agency and offered advice on both Deputyship Orders and gifts with a reservation of benefit.
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June Newsletter

June 2017

Our June Newsletter included an article for Father’s Day together with some news from the April King Legal team. We then covered 7 useful topics including gifts with a reservation of benefit and what happens if you remarry without remaking your Will.
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May newsletter

May 2017

Our May Newsletter focused solely on the coming election and through the use of video and an accompanying guide, offered insight into how the Tory’s proposed changes to care fees might affect those needing care in the future.
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April Newsletter

April 2017

Our April Newsletter covered 5 stories along with some updates from the team. We explained about lower LPA fees and we looked at the issue of whether you should give your home away to your child.
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April King March Newsletter

March 2017

Our March newsletter covered 7 stories including why our tax year runs from April 6th to April 5th, the new Residence Nil Rate Band (a boost to your inheritance tax allowance), a huge hike in probate fees and major changes to bereavement allowances that will hit young families hard.
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April King February Newsletter

February 2017

Our February newsletter covered 11 stories including how to make the perfect pancakes for pancake day, our new Divorce guide, how to protect your children’s inheritance and a guide to ‘deprivation of assets’.
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April King December Newsletter

December 2016

Our December newsletter covered 5 stories including what happened to Caroline Aherne’s estate, when DIY wills go wrong, why cohabitees should ALWAYS have a cohabitation agreement and what to do if you’re left out of a Will.
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April King November newsletter

November 2016

Our November newsletter covered 9 stories including when you need to change your Will, avoiding care fees and how lifting weights can help tackle mild cognitive impairment.
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April King October Newsletter

October 2016

Our October newsletter covered 6 stories including what happens if you give away your assets, the surge of inheritance disputes and the 12,000 estates that lie unclaimed.
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