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You can make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) yourself without the help of a lawyer, but this is rather like drawing up your own Will. It is a very unwise decision that can have catastrophic consequences.

Using specialist Lasting Power of Attorney solicitors or lawyers to help you prepare your LPA gives you peace of mind. Your solicitor or lawyer will make sure that you fully understand the choices you are making and that everything is prepared correctly.

If you submit a Lasting Power of Attorney with mistakes, the Office of the Public Guardian can refuse to approve it. If you write provisions in your Lasting Power of Attorney that are invalid, it will have to be referred to the Court of Protection in order to sever the invalid provisions. This all takes time and is both costly and inconvenient.

From 2012 to 2015 the Office of the Public Guardian received over a million applications to register a Lasting Power of Attorney. Of those, some 130,000 contained mistakes that prevented them from being registered. Using experienced Lasting Power of Attorney solicitors or lawyers who specialise in this area of law helps ensure that those mistakes are avoided.

Another issue is that many people will make these documents without realising the consequences of their decisions. Certain sections of the forms can interact and render the document useless or lead to unintended consequences. If a decision you have made potentially could cause problems in the future, the Office of the Public Guardian will not point this out – they will only identify obvious errors on the form such as missing a box.

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“…it’s important to remember that a Lasting Power of Attorney is a serious, powerful document so, if in doubt, [you] may want to take legal advice.”

~  Lucy Malenczuk, Policy Adviser on Financial Services, Age UK

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