“We want to update our Will but we’re worried about Coronavirus COVID19!”

With around 35 million cases worldwide leading to a little under 1 million deaths, it’s unsurprising that many people are now following Government guidance and distancing themselves from others.

Every newspaper and report is focusing on Coronavirus COVID19 right now, with the outbreak labelled a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and dominating the Budget. It’s unsurprising that there’s a degree of panic, fuelled by a barrage of misinformation and photos of empty shop shelves.

Whilst for the majority of people symptoms are mild, some are more at risk than others. We therefore fully understand if you have made the choice to stay at home as much as possible, particularly if you are in the 70+ or high-risk category.

Most would agree that it is not the time to put off making a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney. Every adult should have these important legal documents in place to ensure that their loved ones are provided for and are not subject to any unnecessary stress or expense in any event. Our team has always offered a range of options that allow you to consult with us, without having to leave the comfort and protection of your own home.

We offer a free one-hour consultation to discuss your Wills or Lasting Power of Attorney, currently with the following choices:


Phone consultations: With one of our phone consultations, a lawyer will listen to your goals and circumstances before providing comprehensive advice over the phone at a pre-arranged time convenient to you. We carry out phone consultations with new and existing clients across England and Wales.


Video Consultations: If you’d rather chat face-to-face, we can set up a video consultation when it suits you. We’ll book a fixed appointment time for you and at your chosen time, you’ll be able to discuss your Wills and/or Lasting Powers of Attorney using a video service such as Facetime or Skype.

A full hour is offered without charge for all of the above services. Find out more about our Direct Appointments here, or just get in touch to book your appointment at a time convenient to you.

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