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Elderly cohabitee wins financial provision claim

The Court of Appeal has upheld a High Court Judgement that a deceased's Will failed to make reasonable provision for a financially comfortable cohabitee's maintenance under the Inheritance (Provision...

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08 August - 18

Would your relatives know your funeral wishes?

Funerals can seem like a morbid subject but at April King, we consider them as part and parcel of ensuring everything is taken care of. Our clients often say...

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31 July - 18

Over 30 million people in Britain do not have a Will

61% of people don't have a Will - 38% say they have nothing worth inheriting and 16% say they have been too busy to write a Will. Here we...

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30 July - 18

We don’t talk any more

Paul King explains: estranged children are more common than you think. He examines the issue of writing your Will when you have an estranged child and whether you should disinherit...

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17 July - 18

Know your boundaries: how to deal with a neighbour encroaching on your land

Jonathan Maskew explains a problem which he has a vast experience in - the issue of boundary disputes with their neighbours.

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17 July - 18

64% of millennials expect to inherit – but could be disappointed

A new survey has revealed that 64% of millennials are expecting to inherit assets from their parents, with an average expected inheritance of £233,000. If the figures are representative...

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13 July - 18

April King shortlisted for Diversity and Inclusion Award

April King Legal is very proud to have been shortlisted for the Diversity and Inclusion Award 2018 in the CILEX National Awards 2018.

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02 July - 18

I’ve got an Enduring Power of Attorney – do I need a Lasting Power of Attorney?

We look at the difference between Enduring and Lasting Powers of Attorney, and the circumstances in which you need each type of document. We also look at why the...

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04 June - 18

Chartered Legal Executive or Solicitor – which career path is for me?

Whether you’re thinking about a career in law or you’ve already started your legal qualifications, you might be wondering which route to becoming a lawyer is the best.

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29 May - 18

Dementia Action Week 2018: act now

21st to 27th of May is Dementia Action Week - an event organised by the Alzheimer's Society in support of dementia sufferers, their families and carers. We look at the...

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24 May - 18