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I’ve got an Enduring Power of Attorney – do I need a Lasting Power of Attorney?

We look at the difference between Enduring and Lasting Powers of Attorney, and the circumstances in which you need each type of document. We also look at why the...

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04 June - 18

Chartered Legal Executive or Solicitor – which career path is for me?

Whether you’re thinking about a career in law or you’ve already started your legal qualifications, you might be wondering which route to becoming a lawyer is the best.

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29 May - 18

Dementia Action Week 2018: act now

21st to 27th of May is Dementia Action Week - an event organised by the Alzheimer's Society in support of dementia sufferers, their families and carers. We look at the...

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24 May - 18

Can I leave money to my pet in my Will?

We look at how you can provide for your pet in your Will, some important practical considerations, and the different options open to you in deciding who will care...

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23 May - 18

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – what is it?

Unless you've been ignoring your inbox over the past few weeks, you've probably been inundated with requests to update your 'privacy' or 'marketing' preferences, in preparation for the General...

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23 May - 18

Grandparents’ rights: a call for change

MPs are calling for the government to give grandparents rights to see their grandchildren after a divorce. They are proposing a change to the Children Act which would give...

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08 May - 18

Could you be entitled to a refund of stamp duty?

If you've paid too much stamp duty as a result of an incorrect calculation or lack of awareness that a particular relief is available, you might be able to...

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10 April - 18

Cohabitee entitled to share of Deceased partner’s £1.5m estate

In a recent decision, the High Court has ruled in favour of a woman who was left nothing from her late partner’s £1.5 million estate.

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09 April - 18

Deputyship Order v Lasting power of Attorney: which is best?

Is it better to make a Lasting Power of Attorney now; or leave those close to you to apply for a Deputyship Order in the future, should one be...

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12 March - 18

New law for Landlords: energy efficiency

From 1st April 2018, Landlords renting out properties in the private sector will need to achieve a minimum energy performance rating of E on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

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07 March - 18