11 reasons to make a Will

There are many good reasons to make a Will and keep it updated, in contrast with your estate being distributed on ‘intestacy’ rules. For example: Guardians: You can appoint guardians for your minor children rather than leave who will care for them to chance. Find out more about appointing a guardian. Funeral wishes: You can set out your funeral wishes. Even if you really have no preference, this can remove a lot of stress for loved ones who otherwise have to …

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Who will manage your property and finances if you fall ill?

Manage finances

It’s a common misconception that if you should become incapacitated, your spouse, civil partner or cohabiting partner can manage your financial affairs for you. This is simply not true, and in such circumstances accounts (even joint accounts) can be frozen whilst an order is granted by the Court.

2020 Budget: family homes still at risk from care fees


If the Tories meet their promise to tackle the issue of social care in the coming months, it won’t be what people are expecting. Couples should not delay in protecting what they have but need to do this the right way – and the fair way.