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The dangers of a DIY Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is an important document that everyone aged 18 and older should have. It allows you to nominate people you trust to make decisions for...

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17 October - 19

“I was promised something before the testator died”

If someone promises you something such as land but doesn’t take steps to carry out that promise before they die, you may be able to make a claim against...

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14 October - 19

7 Myths Regarding Lasting Power of Attorney

  My next of kin gets to act on my behalf Next of kin or even family members can’t just assume that they can make decisions with your affairs...

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11 October - 19

What will happen to your digital assets on death?

When people think of the assets they might leave in Will, digital assets are very often overlooked. Some digital assets will have a monetary value. Others will not be...

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30 September - 19

How can I leave money to my minor children or grandchildren?

Most parents recognise the value of making a Will while they have minor children. It allows them to choose a suitable guardian and to ensure that their children are...

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25 September - 19

An overview of inheritance tax

In this article, we look at the various inheritance tax charges, allowances and reliefs. We also look briefly at the types of trust you might include in your Will...

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25 September - 19

Power of Attorney is not just for elderly people

Planning for a future in which someone else makes important decisions on your behalf is often associated with the elderly, the wealthy or anyone else but you. However, putting...

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29 August - 19

What is a Grandparent Will?

“Most people think their existing Will provides protection for their children’s inheritance, but in reality this is rare. It’s an important part of Will planning that is too often...

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08 August - 19

A Gift or a Loan?

Your car breaks down and you can’t afford to have it fixed straight away so a friend loans you the money. After a couple of months of monthly payments,...

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26 July - 19

3 simple steps to leaving a positive legacy

Paul King, Head of April King Legal explains… 1. Child Trust Funds Leaving inheritance to a child directly in your Will leaves a lot to chance. A child’s possible...

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17 July - 19