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Power of Attorney is not just for elderly people

Planning for a future in which someone else makes important decisions on your behalf is often associated with the elderly, the wealthy or anyone else but you. However, putting...

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29 August - 19

What is a Grandparent Will?

“Most people think their existing Will provides protection for their children’s inheritance, but in reality this is rare. It’s an important part of Will planning that is too often...

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08 August - 19

A Gift or a Loan?

Your car breaks down and you can’t afford to have it fixed straight away so a friend loans you the money. After a couple of months of monthly payments,...

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26 July - 19

3 simple steps to leaving a positive legacy

Paul King, Head of April King Legal explains… 1. Child Trust Funds Leaving inheritance to a child directly in your Will leaves a lot to chance. A child’s possible...

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17 July - 19

Facebook Cryptocurrency Release – Libra

What Will Happen To Your Digital Footprint? Facebook has announced it is working on its own currency called Libra. The name comes from the Roman unit measurement for coins....

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19 June - 19

Issues Surrounding Joint Tenancy

April King’s intern Grace Beesley looks at the meaning of ‘joint tenancy’ – a popular form of home ownership – and the issues that arise from it. Joint tenancy...

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30 May - 19

Dragon’s Den winner delivers April King 3 branded trucks

Yesterday, April King's team took delivery of three branded trucks from Dragon's Den winner Ed Holland of Driven Media. The three trucks were brought to Carlton Town Football Club...

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09 October - 18

‘Toyboy’ lover wins inheritance dispute

A recent county court case reported in the Telegraph highlights the importance of seeking professional advice when preparing a Will, and of keeping your Will up to date.

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02 October - 18

Unmarried couples: legal essentials

When an unmarried person dies, leaving behind a cohabitee, the cohabitee may inherit nothing, regardless of the length of cohabitation or the fact that the couple have children together....

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17 September - 18

April King Lawyer ‘Highly Commended’ by CILEX

One of April King's lawyers has been "Highly Commended" in the field of private client by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX). The commendation was granted in the...

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12 September - 18