Grace Beesley

Issues Surrounding Joint Tenancy

Joint tenancy of property

April King Legal’s intern Grace Beesley looks at the meaning of ‘joint tenancy’ – a popular form of home ownership – and the issues that arise from it. Joint tenancy is a term within estate law that represents a form of ownership by two or more people, often married couples, who own a house jointly. Often people mistake this legal jargon for meaning tenant in relation to having a landlord. However Joint Tenancy is completely separate from renting and in …

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7 Myths Regarding Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney

In this article we dispel 7 common myths relating to Lasting Power of Attorney and explain why every adult aged 18+ should have one. 1. My next of kin gets to act on my behalf Next of kin or even family members can’t just assume that they can make decisions with your financial affairs or your welfare, if someone has lost capacity, the next of kin or family member cannot ring up the bank for example and get the authority …

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