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A Gift or a Loan?

A gift or a loan

Your car breaks down and you can’t afford to have it fixed straight away so a friend loans you the money. After a couple of months of monthly payments, your friend offers to write off the debt as a gift to you! You may believe it is easy to determine whether something is a gift or a loan. A simple text or phone call may be enough in this situation for the loan to become a gift. However, in regards …

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3 simple steps to leaving a positive legacy

Leaving a positive legacy

1. Child Trust Funds Leaving inheritance to a child directly in your Will leaves a lot to chance. A child’s possible future challenges such as health, relationships or finance can put their inheritance at risk at a time when they need the comfort and knowledge that their inheritance is safe. A new style Grandparent Will from April King Legal can include Child Trust Fund accounts, these special accounts help children keep control and ownership of their inheritance should they get …

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Facebook Cryptocurrency Release – Libra


Facebook has announced it is working on its own currency called Libra. The name comes from the Roman unit measurement for coins. Those using this currency will be able to trade across Facebook Apps without geographical restriction with very little interest. Facebook has recently released white paper which states “it is Libra’s mission to enable a simple global currency”. Once purchased, your Libra will be stored in your digital “Calibra wallet” for you to spend: so, virtual money. The aim …

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